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AF3D V3.5.0

AutoFarm3D V3.5.0 - Performance Improvements

Release date: Feb.10, 2023

This update significantly improves performance, which means AutoFarm3D will run much faster and more reliably. You'll also be able to connect more printers and webcams to a single hub!

Installation Instructions

This update requires a simple zip file upload and will only take a minute to complete.

  1. Navigate to your AutoFarm3D Dashboard.

  2. Click the logs button at the top of the dashboard. You should now be on the Software Center page.

    The browser url should be <IP ADDRESS>:3030 e.g.

  3. Scroll down to Manual System Update, and upload the zip file for the device you are upgrading for RaspberryPi for the Rock64


Don't extract or unzip the file. Upload the .zip file directly.

AF3D 3.5.0 manual update

  1. Wait a few minutes for the update to complete.
  2. Repeat this process for each Pi/Hub in your farm.

If you need any help or run into any issues, please contact us at [email protected]

AutoFarm3D V3.5.0 Release Notes

1. Increased Performance and Improved Stability

Multiple optimizations have allwed us to achieve a 20x (!) reduction in system resource usage by connected printers.

  • CPU usage reduced from 25% to ~ 2% per connected printer.
  • RAM usage reduced from 20%  to < 1% per connected printer.
  • Gcode streamer is now more robust, and can better handle corrupt gcodes and other external USB communication issues which could cause printers to freeze.
  • Cameras now require 50% less CPU, increasing the number of cameras you can connect to a single hub.

To find out how many printers & webcams you can now run on your device, please refer to the new multi-printer control guide

These huge improvements are possible mainly because we rewrote the printer communication and gcode streamer from scratch. This was a fairly huge undertaking and a lot has changed under the hood.

2. Billing Improvements

  • Auto reload hours
  • Low hours remaining notifications
  • No hours remaining notifications

Auto reload You can now automatically fill up on hours when you're running low. Just choose the hour pack you want, and when it should trigger.

Low & No Hours Notifications. You will now receive notifications when your hours are running low (20 by default), and when you've run out. You can change these notification settings on the Account page.

3. Improved Documentation

We added some new docs and updates on 3DQue docs. 3DQue docs gets new updates every week so check back every once in a while to learn more about AutoFarm3D!

Updated the entire page to give more complete walkthrough of the software.

Created this page to explain networking, multi-printer setup for print farms with many printers. This page will be getting more updates in the coming weeks.