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AutoFarm3D V3.11.0 - Release Notes

This update brings better reliability and troubleshooting capabilities for Bambu Lab printers! With improved error reporting and file support, V3.11 ensures smoother and more efficient print farm management for Bambu Lab users.

This is a manual update!

Update Instructions:

Portions of this update include low-level system upgrades and therefore require a manual update process! Please follow the manual update guide. And make sure you apply the update to all hubs on your network!


3.11.0 Release Notes

1. Bambu Lab Printers Available in Standard AF3D Plans

  • You can now use standard Powerslots and Print Hours to run Bambu Lab printers.
    • This includes the 100hrs/month included with free accounts.

2. Improved Bambu Error Handling


  • Know exactly what is happening with your printer remotely.
    • Added support for viewing hidden hardware error messages for all Bambu printers. These messages contain detailed information about hardware issues and why prints have stopped, but are not typically visible in Bambu Studio or Handy.
    • View multiple errors at once: all HMS and Hardware Errors are shown, even if they appear simultaneously, giving you a greater ability to troubleshoot printer issues.

3. Improved 3MF/Gcode File Support

  • File browser is now filtered to only allow .3mf or .gcode files.
  • Added checks for valid .gcode.3mf files and will give warnings if improperly exported files are uploaded to AutoFarm3D.
  • Added retroactive warning for problematic 3MF files uploaded in older versions of AutoFarm3D.
  • Prevented massive 3MF files containing images (like from MakerWorld or Printables) overwhelming Raspberry Pi and Hub system memory.
  • Added warning when print files on the system are corrupted due to bad SD cards or network upload issues.

4. Bugfixes & Other Changes

  • Added compatibility for multiple AMS units connected to a single printer.
  • Added additional timeservers for users in Asia.
  • Improved part ejection sequence for P1 and X1 series based on user feedback.
  • Fixed bug where blocked 3MF jobs could cause DB issues
  • Fixed bug where part ejection temperature for Bambu printers would sometimes fail to load.
  • Fixed bug where slow networks could cause the Add Bambu Printer modal to fail, even though the printer eventually connects.
  • Fixed multiple AMS tags causing issues with files and tag database.
  • Fixed certain cases where database calls on an unstable network were able to cause the database to deadlock.
  • Fixed issue where incorrect serial numbers were stored in background, counting toward the 10 printer/hub safety limit.
    • Added ability to delete printer profiles with incorrect credentials from the dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes Bambu printers could not be reconnected if they had crashed.

System Images

In case you want to re-flash to get this update (highly recommended if skipping versions).

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