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AutoFarm3D V3.10.0 - Bambu Lab Automation

Release date: Apr 12, 2024

Bambu Lab Automation for the P1P, P1S, X1, and X1C are now available in standard AutoFarm3D! This update also contains a whole host of other improvements. Read all about it in The Bambu Lab Automation Guide.

This is a manual update, please follow the instructions below!

Update instructions

For Bambu Lab Early Access Testers:

If you're on version 3.8.2 (Bambu Lab Auto Ejection) you will need to re-image your SD card in your Raspberry Pi or Wireless Hub (Rock64). Please follow these instructions.
  1. Download AF3.10.0 Image for Raspberry Pi or AF3.10.0 Image for Wireless Hub / Rock64
  2. Follow the re-flash guides here: Raspberry Pi | Wireless Hub / Rock64

For All Other AutoFarm3D Users:

*Portions of this update include low-level system upgrades and therefore requires a manual update process! Please follow the instructions below. And make sure you apply the update to all hubs on your network!

  1. Download AF3.10.0 Updater for Raspberry Pi or AF3.10.0 Updater for Wireless Hub/Rock64
  2. Navigate to your AutoFarm3D Dashboard > Settings > Update Center
  3. Under Update Package upload the zip file for the device you are upgrading
    • for RaspberryPi
    • for the Rock64
  4. Don't extract or unzip the file. Upload the .zip file directly
  5. Click Run Update. The hub will apply the update and restart
  6. Make sure to update ALL hubs in your network, if you have worker hubs, you can find them under Network Settings Update Package Screenshot6. When the UI comes back online, confirm that you are on version 3.10.0 3.10.0 Confirmed

If you need any help or run into any issues, please contact us at [email protected]

System Images

In case you want to reflash to get this update. (Highly recommended if skipping versions)

3.10.0 Release Notes

Here's what's new and improved in v3.10.0:

1. Bambu Lab Automation Available to Everyone

  • Please read The Bambu Lab Automation Guide thoroughly before getting started (a hardware kit is required)
  • Bambu Lab P1P, P1S, X1, and X1C auto ejection is now available to everyone in AutoFarm3D
  • Bambu Lab A1 Mini auto ejection is now in beta - contact us to join!
  • Once you've connected your Bambu Lab printers, select your printer > Printer Settings > Printer Mode > Automated
  • Added safety checks for Bambu Lab Automation
    • Added warning for parts that are too tall or too short when sending automated jobs
    • Bambu printers will automatically change to Manual mode for prints that are out of spec for automation
    • Added Z height information to Files page
    • AutoFarm3D will switch printer to manual mode if there are network interruptions during the part removal sequence
    • If errors are detected by the printer, AutoFarm3D will ask for manual confirmation of part removal before proceeding
    • Added custom 3MF file processing to ensure safe removal of parts
      • Files uploaded before this update will automatically be converted
  • Removed 10 printer cap on Bambu Lab machines in AutoFarm3D Dashboard
    • Bambu Lab devices can now be distributed to worker hubs. AutoFarm3D will automatically distribute printers across worker hubs to manage load.
    • Each Worker Hub can handle up to 10 printers, but all Worker Hubs' printers will display on your Command Hub dashboard (no limit)
    • If a worker hub goes offline, you will get the option to reconnect the Bambu to another hub on your network
  • Bambu printers will now reconnect faster in the case of a network interruption

2. Bugfixes & Other Changes

  • Added option for connecting Bambu A1 (manual mode only)
  • Added preview thumbnails for .gcode.3mf files in the Files page
  • Improved responsiveness of Collect Part button in Jobs page
  • Fixed issues with Analytics page counting distributed jobs multiple times
  • Fixed popularity graphs on Analytics page
  • Fixed display issues for Settings > Network Settings > Network Map > Connected to This Hub
  • Added Bambu Lab printers to Settings > Printers and Cameras device list
  • Added a warning when deleting a job in progress from the Order overview
  • Block jobs with a set quantity of 0
  • Fixed adding of Bambu Lab printers on some browsers (Arc, Opera)
  • Added editing of draft job quantities in an Order

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Bambu Lab Automation Early Access program for your feedback and testing. It has been invaluable in making these improvements and we are excited to continuously improve AutoFarm3D and provide a better experience for all print farms!

Connect with other print farms on the discord.

For more information and support, visit our website or contact [email protected].