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Anycubic Vyper

Compatibility information
  1. Update Firmware: Make sure your firmware is a version of Marlin 2

  2. Remove SD Card: Remove the SD card from the printer. When plugged in, it can interfere with the connection stability.

  3. Set Printer to Automated Mode: Please follow the instructions here to set your printer to automated mode.

1.0 What's in the Kit

Anycubic Vyper

  • 1 x Angle Bracket Left (E17)
  • 1 x Angle Bracket Right (E18)
  • 4 x M5 x 8 mm Screws
  • 4 x M5 2020 t-nuts

2.0 What You'll Need

  • Allen Keys

3.0 Install Tilt Kit

  1. Prepare the E17 and E18 tilt brackets by installing the M5x8mm and 2020 T-nuts to prepare them for the printer.

  2. Using the provided rubber feet, peel off and adhere to the bottom of the tilt brackets (E17/E18). E3 tilt prep

  3. On a clean a table, gently rotate your Anycubic Vyper onto its left side.

  4. Slide in the T-nuts of the E18 tilt brackets and slide the tilt brackets until the front of the tilt bracket is 115m from the front of the printer. Tighten the fasteners. E3 slide

  5. Rotate the printer on its right side and repeat step 5 for E17 tilt bracket.

  6. Rotate your 3D printer and let it stand using the tilt brackets.