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Prusa MK3/S/+

Compatibility information
  1. Update Firmware: Update your firmware to the latest official release as per Prusa's instructions. Must be version 3.10.0 or newer.

  2. Disable Pi Mode: Go to your LCD Menu → Settings → RPi Port → “off”.

  3. Disable Crash Detection Go to your LCD Menu → Settings → Crash Detection → “off”.

  4. Remove SD Card: Remove the SD card from the printer. When plugged in, it can interfere with the connection stability.

  5. Set Printer to Automated Mode: Please follow the instructions here to set your printer to automated mode.

1.0 What's in the Kit

Printed Parts

  • 1 x Front Brace (P1)
  • 3 x Part guidance ramps (P3, P4, P5)
    • Center Ramp (P3)
    • Front Ramp Left (P4)
    • Front Ramp Right (P5)
  • 2 x LCD mount bracket (P6)
  • 2 x LCD wire clips (P7)
  • 1 x Left Tilt Bracket (P10)
  • 1 x Right Tilt Bracket (P11)


  • 5 x M5x8 Button head screws (1 spare)
  • 5 x M5 3030 T nuts (1 spare)
  • 4 x Rubber Feet

2.0 What You'll Need

  • 3mm Allen key

3.0 Install Tilt Kit

  1. Remove the LCD and spool holder, keep the mounting hardware for later.

  2. Prepare the P10 and P11 tilt brackets by installing the M5x8mm and 3030 T-nuts.

  3. Using the provided rubber feet, peel off and adhere to the bottom of the tilt brackets (P10/P11) and front feet (P1), if not preinstalled. tilt and front

  4. Unscrew the following screws at the front of the printer: unscrew front

  5. Install front feet (P1) using the screws from previous step. install front

  6. Rotate and lay the MK3/S/+ printer on its right side.

  7. Using P10 tilt bracket, slide in the front t nut without tightening it, as shown below. install tilt

  8. Slide back P10 until the z-frame of the printer sits on the notch of the tilt bracket, as shown below. slide and align

  9. Slide the bed forward and slide in the rear bolt/t nut. screw back

  10. Move the bed backward and tighten the front bolt/ t nut.

  11. Rotate the printer and lay it on its left side and repeat steps 7 to 10 using P11.

  12. Once tilt brackets are installed properly, rotate the printer and allow it to stand on the tilt brackets.

  13. Clip the guidance panels (P4,P5) onto the inside of the MK3/S/+ frame as show below, ensuring they come flush with the front plate. clip rams

  14. Take off the MK3/S/+ flex plate.

  15. Remove the front 3 screws as well as the 3spacers separating the bed from the Y axis mounting plate. insert spacers

  16. Push the spacers into the holes of the P3 Front ramps. install bed

  17. Using the bed screws, align and slide in the screws onto the spacers previously install on the front ramps. Fasten the front ramp. install front ramp

  18. Remove the LCD Cover.

  19. Attach the mounting brackets to the circuitboard as shown below: remove lcd

  20. Replace the LCD cover: assemble lcd

  21. Clip the brackets onto the top of the frame as shown below. You may need to shift over the spool holder. spool holder

  22. Reroute the LCD cable as shown below using the two wire clips (P7) to keep the cables out of the way. cable ribbon Done!