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CR10 [V1-V3] and CR10S

Compatibility information
  1. Update Firmware: Make sure your firmware is a version of Marlin 2

  2. Remove SD Card: Remove the SD card from the printer. When plugged in, it can interfere with the connection stability.

  3. Set Printer to Automated Mode: Please follow the instructions here to set your printer to automated mode.

1.0 What's in the Kit

Tilt Frame

  • 2 x Aluminum extrusion bases
  • 4 x Rubber Feet

Printed Parts

  • 1 x Tilt Bracket Left (C1)
  • 1 x Tilt Bracket Right (C2)
  • 1 x Inner Ramp Left (C3)
  • 1 x Inner Ramp Right (C4)


  • 9 x M5x8mm Button Head Cap Screws
  • 4 x M5 3030 T-nuts
  • 6 x M5 2020 T-nuts
  • 2 x M4 2020 T-nuts
  • 2 x M4x8mm Socket Head Cap Screws

2.0 What You'll Need

  • Allen Keys

3.0 Install Tilt Kit

  1. Attach the feet mounts (Q7) onto the ends of the provided aluminum extrusions, if not attached already, and ensure the top face of the extrusion is completely exposed. ext cr6se

  2. Using the large T-nuts and M5x8mm bolts, attach the larger sides of the angle brackets (E17/E18) to the provided extrusion to make the base:

    • Tilt in the taller edge to the extrusion and fasten with an M5x8mm bolt and large T-nut. The T-nut should rotate perpendicular to the slot as the bolt is fastened.

    tilt cr6se

    • Repeat mirrored bracket.

    tighten tilt

    • Slide both brackets all the way to the end, just touching the feet mounts (Q7), as shown below slide bracket
  3. Assemble tilt base to the printer:

    • Rotate the printer and lay it on its right side.

Install left inner panel (C3)

  • Using the built-in clips of the panel, push the clip into the aluminum extrusion channel.

clip ramp cr10

Attach the tilt bracket to the printer

  • Place a small T-nut just behind the front rubber pad in the bottom slot
  • Tilt in the bracket (narrow side forward) where it touches the front rubber pad
  • Align the t-nut with the allen key, then fasten with an M5x8mm bolt
  • Fasten a nut in the rear hole