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AutoFarm3D V3.8.2 - Order Calendar and Bambu Lab Early Access Updates

Release date: Jan. 12, 2024 Order Calendar Page This is the first in a series of updates that are designed to make your farm more productive than ever! In this update we've added an order completion calendar that shows you when each order will be ready to collect, so you can easily check that everything is on schedule. Plus, we've continued our work to optimize integration with Bambu Lab printers based on testing and feedback from the Early Access program.

Update Instructions:

Regular AF3D Users: This update is completely automatic! Simply restart your print farm hubs and they will automatically update to the latest version.

Bambu Lab Early Access Users: This update requires a zip file upload and will only take a few minutes to complete.

  1. Download AF3.8.2 for Raspberry Pi or AF3.8.2 Wireless Hub/Rock64
  2. Navigate to your AutoFarm3D Dashboard > Settings > Update Center
  3. Under Update Package upload the zip file for the device you are upgrading
    • for RaspberryPi
    • for the Rock64
  4. Don't extract or unzip the file. Upload the .zip file directly.
  5. Click Run Update

Update Package Screenshot

If you need any help or run into any issues, please contact us at [email protected]

3.8.2 Release Notes

Here's what's new and improved in V3.8.2:

1. Order Calendar

  • Quickly navigate orders with a month-wise overview calendar accessible from the Orders page.
  • View status, deadline, and estimated completion date at a glance by hovering over items in the calendar.
  • Easily plan for upcoming orders, see which orders are complete, and which orders are still open.
  • Many more planning and scheduling features are planned this month, so ideas and feedback are appreciated! Connect with us on Discord.

2. Bambu Lab Compatibility Improvements

2.1 Added Support for A1 Mini

  • A1 Minis can be added through the Add Bambu Lab printer modal on the dashboard.
  • Bambu A1 support is still in progress, if you are interested in testing early builds, please let us know!

2.2 Automatic Detection of Printer Type

  • The connection process for Bambu Lab printers has been streamlined. AutoFarm3D now automatically detects your printer type and tags it. This update simplifies setup and reduces manual configuration time.

2.3 Improved Printer Status Messages

  • Printers now have a substatus that directly display Bambu Lab statuses (cleaning nozzle tip, changing filament, paused due to filament runout, etc.) on the dashboard. This feature allows for immediate identification and troubleshooting of issues, making it easier to monitor your print farm without leaving your desk!

2.4 External Print Handling and Detection

  • AutoFarm will detect prints sent from an external slicer or from SD card and update the printer dashboard to notify you of the external print.
  • External prints now block AutoFarm from sending jobs until the printer becomes available again.
  • AutoFarm will detect and notify you when external prints are ready to be removed from the print bed.
  • If an external print is started in the middle of an AutoFarm job, AutoFarm will automatically pause its job and handle the interruption to allow the externally started print to complete.

2.5 Instant Status Sync and Reconnect

  • Printers should now almost instantly synchronize their status and temperatures upon connecting to AutoFarm3D, replacing the previous 1-2 minute wait time.
  • Please note that firmware limitations on P Series and A Series BL printers only allow one piece of software to be connected at a time. AutoFarm will now try to automatically regain connection when critical status changes occur with the machine to ensure the dashboard is always in sync with your print farm.
  • If the hub or printers are rebooted, AutoFarm will now automatically reconnect with the last known credentials.
  • If the network LAN IP address of the printer changes, AutoFarm will attempt to scan for and reconnect to previously connected machines.

2.6 Manually Refresh Connection and Change Access Code

  • Manually disconnect and reconnect Bambu Lab printers from AutoFarm.
  • Update access code for offline BL printers through the sidebar on the printer dashboard.

3. Built-in Resource Usage Warning

  • Hubs with too many printers attached were known to cause system instability.
  • A safety limit of 4 USB printers, or 10 Bambu Lab printers per hub prevents accidental overloading. This feature ensures reliable performance and stability of your print farm.
  • Both USB and Bambu Lab printers can be connected simultaneously to the same hub, AutoFarm will run a calculation to prevent exceeding resources.

4. Bugfixes

  • Increased allowable file-size for sending logs by email.
  • Fixed styling issues on the Update Center when displaying manual update progress.
  • Ignore the dev/ttyAMA0 port from unrecognized devices (this is the RPI serial port).
  • Fixed strange behavior with the TagPicker when managing jobs contained within an order.
  • Recover connection and state of Bambu Lab printers automatically when they become disconnected due to network interruption
  • Orders would sometimes lose state if the state was manually overridden by user, production state will now transition properly.

If you are an Early Access user, thank you for your feedback! It has been invaluable in making these improvements. Your continued support helps us to continuously improve AutoFarm3D and provide a better experience for all print farms!

For more information and support, visit our website or contact [email protected]