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AutoFarm3D V3.4.1 - QuinlyVision and More

Release date: Jan. 20, 2023

This update is packed with new features! Here's the rundown:

1. QuinlyVision has arrived!

QuinlyVision is a machine learning algorithm that watches your prints through your webcam and sends you an email notification if print failures are detected.

It's not just spaghetti detection. Out of the 14 failure types QV is trained for, 5 are currently available:

  • Spaghetti
  • Underextrusion
  • Warping
  • Stringing
  • Poor First Layer


Brief QuinlyVision Roadmap

Coming soon:

  • More informative error notification emails
  • Better ways to provide feedback for missed fails & false positives
  • Automatic pause when failure is detected with high confidence
  • Toggle for notifications & auto-pause for each failure type
  • Machine-learning model accuracy improvements
  • UI improvements

Coming Later:

  • All 14 failure types
  • Custom responses depending on failure type (adjust temps, speed, acceleration, etc.)
  • Option to automatically clear bed and retry print, or move on to next item in queue.
  • Automatically suggest and make changes to gcode to avoid reslicing.

Learn more about QuinlyVision here

2. Attach SmartTags to Files

You may now attach SmartTags directly to gcode files so they'll be automatically applied when sending those files to the queue. This greatly reduces the number of clicks required to send jobs while also preventing mistakes.

File tags

3. Distribute Jobs

This feature splits print jobs up so that multiple printers can work together on a single print job. This lets you get more prints done in less time with fewer clicks.

Example: Assume you have a job for 20 prints, and 5 printers available.

  • Distribute Job Disabled 1 printer will randomly be chosen to print all 20. (default)

    Distribute Job Disabled

  • Distribute Job Enabled: All 5 printers will print 4 parts each.

Distribute Job Enabled

Enable this feature by clicking the "distribute job" checkbox when submitting print jobs.

Distribute jobs

4. Webcam Improvements

  • Previously, only one webcam per Pi / Hub was supported. This update improves camera performance so you can now connect two cameras per Pi / Hub.
  • Cameras can be chosen and attached to a printer in the printer settings.
  • Hubs & Pis will now autodetect cameras being plugged in, so you don't need to reboot.
  • 2 cameras and 2 printers with performance mode enabled is the maximum recommended setup for the Print Farm Hub.

Camera selection

5. Performance Enhancement Mode

Pump up your printers-per-pi (or hub) ratio!

Performance Enhancement mode significantly reduces CPU usage during printing. With this mode enabled, you should be able to connect more printers per Pi / Hub. Enable it in the printer settings screen. Currently must be enabled for each printer individually.

Caution: This is experimental so it may cause print quality or stability issues on some setups. Test it on one printer before enabling it on every printer.

Performance mode

6. Software Update Improvements

The updater has been updated!

This update includes a much more powerful updater that can run system-level upgrades as well as AF3D software updates. We found that the updater we had before was not powerful enough for features we have planned. This will make future updates more likely to be fully automatic without running a script.

7. In-App Payments & Billing

We have moved to Stripe for handling subscriptions, and added a billing tab to the UI.

You can now:

  • Upgrade / downgrade your AF3D subscription
  • Change plans from yearly to monthly or vice-versa
  • Purchase hour bundles in-app
  • Purchase power slots in-app


8. Known Issues

  • Newly created tags may take a few seconds to become available across all printers
  • Setting up a new remote access tunnel may show the tunnel address as 'undefined'. Refreshing the page should fix it.
  • Seamless timelapses are not yet compatible with vase mode prints.