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How to get help

If you can't find a solution to your problem in this troubleshooting manual, please follow these steps to get help from 3DQue support.

How to download log files

1. Click 'logs'

Click the 'logs' button in the top left of AutoFarm3D dashboard:

click logs

Alternatively, in your web browser, you can directly navigate to <INSERT YOUR PI OR Hub IP HERE>:3030 if the dashboard is not accessible.

2. Email or download logs

Scroll down to the bottom of the Software Management Center, fill out your email, and attach a description of the issue.

submit logs

::: info

If you are having trouble with a specific printer, make sure you send logs from the hub that printer is connected to. You can check if the printer is connected to the hub by looking under the "Devices" tab on the Hub settings page.


Bug report template

Brief description of bug: 

Steps to reproduce:

If you prefer, you can download logs directly, and attach them to an email manually, or send them to us through Discord.