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Firmware Troubleshooting

1. Extruder stops working after the first print in the queue

This happens because of a bug in old versions of Marlin firmware. It occurs when Esteps are higher than 255.

The solution is to update Marlin to the most recent stable version.

2. My Pi / Wireless Hub IP doesn't show up on my LCD, but connecting to my Pi / Hub works fine after using an IP scanner to find the IP

2.1 Check the USB cable connecting your printer to your Pi / Hub

  • Make sure it is plugged in on the Pi/Hub side, as well as the printer side.
  • Make sure it supports data transfer, not just power transfer.
  • Make sure the cable isn't broken.
  • If in doubt, try a different USB cable.

2.2 Your firmware does not support the M117 gcode command

If you have a Creality 4.x.x board (commonly shipped with Ender 3 V2, and some newer Creality machines) you'll have to update to Jyers firmware which supports M117.

If you have a Prusa Mini, it unfortunately doesn't support M117. There is unofficial firmware that supports M117 (and other nice features) but it requires breaking the appendix, and voiding the warranty of the Prusa Mini's electronics, so do this at your own risk.

3. Error message on the Ender 3: Err: EEPROM Version after flashing firmware

This error message can happen when flashing new firmware. It happens because the new EEPROM structure is different from the old EEPROM structure. (e.g. when changing from Marlin 1.x.x to Marlin 2.x.x)


Sending M502 will reset your Z offset. Please recalibrate Z offset before printing, or else you may scratch your print bed!

Resetting your EEPROM will reset all configurable settings to the defaults found in configuration.h. Any custom calibrations you've done, such as adjusting Esteps, PID tuning, and probe X,Y,Z offsets will be reset.

If you want to avoid re-calibrating, next time you flash firmware, make a note of your current settings by sending M503 and copying the output.

The quickest solution is to send the two commands M502 (reset EEPROM to factory settings) and then M500 (save settings) through the gcode console.

If the message reads: "'EEPROM Version Error' Initialize EEPROM? " Go ahead and hit "Reset". If you already clicked "Ignore" just reboot the printer and hit "Reset" when the message pops up.


  1. On your printer LCD, go to your printer menu.
  2. Head to your Configuration menu.
  3. Enter into the advanced settings menu.
  4. Scroll to the bottom until you see "Initialize EEPROM", and select "Init".
  5. Then click 'store settings' (sometimes called 'save settings'). You should hear a beep.
  6. Reboot your printer.
  7. Re-calibrate your Z offset and any other settings that were reset
  8. Press 'store settings' or send M500 to save your changes.

Remember to recalibrate your Z offset!

4. My BL Touch only probes one corner of the plate and will not proceed with the rest of the print. My LCD displays “Stopped” and the print does not start

  1. Make sure your firmware supports BL-touch.
  2. Check and re-seat all the BL Touch connections.
  3. Re apply hot glue to the connections, if needed.
  4. Re-level the corners of the bed.
  5. Double check the Z-offset in the configuration on LCD.
  6. Reboot your printer.