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Enabling Auto Ejection

What is 3D Print Auto Ejection?

Auto ejection is when your 3D printer can remove prints when they are done. Then, since the bed is clear, it can begin the next part automatically. The cycle repeats, meaning your printers can be working 24/7.

Auto ejection

Put Your Printer on Autopilot

With AutoFarm3D, you can enable "Autopilot" mode.

In Autopilot mode, your printer will...

  • Automatically start new jobs: Automatically accepts the next queued print job that has compatible SmartTags.
  • Wait for cooldown: Waits for the bed to cool down to the specified release temperature at the end of every print.
  • Auto-eject prints: Initiate a "wipe" sequence to eject the part from the bed once the bed has cooled down.
Delete start & end gcode

When slicing prints for auto-ejection, delete all custom start and end gcode. AutoFarm3D will automatically send the necessary gcode commands to enable automated 3D printing. This process is designed to handle the default start and end gcode for most printers on most slicers, but we can't guarantee it will work with every printer and every slicer, and especially with custom start/end gcode.

To be safe, clear your start and end gcode before continuing.

Wipe demonstration

How to Enable Autopilot


Once your printer is on Autopilot, it will attempt to remove parts from the plate at the end of the print once the bed cools down to the release temperature.

If the part is stuck to the plate, then your printer will make angry noises possibly causing damage.

Please verify that your prints release from your print bed once it has cooled down. If your prints don't release, you'll probably need a VAAPR Print Bed.

Go to your printer's settings page.

Printer settings

Your printer will have the 'manual' tag by default.

Autopilot vs manual tag

Go to printer settings and click the toggle between 'Manual' and 'Automated'

Autopilot toggle

Scroll down and click "Save"

Save settings

See your printer's status change to "Autopilot"

Why does my printer heat up to 170 degrees before printing?

When your printer is in Automated mode, it will heat up to 170 degrees before probing the bed. This is to prevent material from oozing out of the nozzle and sticking to the bed during the probing process.

Autopilot status