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Webcam Setup

Webcams let you monitor your printers remotely, either on your local network or when you're on the go using Quinly Tunnel.

The Logitech C270 is a reliable webcam. It works well with QuinlyVision and the Print Farm Hub.

Webcam Compatibility

See the System Requirements

Step 1: Plug in your Webcam

Just plug your webcam into your Pi or hub! If possible, use the blue USB 3.0 port for better frame rate.

Pi cam setup

You can use a Pi cam instead of a USB webcam.

Turn your Raspberry Pi off. Plug the Pi cam ribbon cable into the Pi following the Pi cam's user. Turn your Pi back on. The rest of the setup is the same as a USB webcam.

Webcam connection diagram

Once your webcam is connected to your hub, you need to link it to a specific printer.

Find the printer you want to link your webcam to in the Print Farm Dashboard, and click "Printer Settings" in the sidebar.

Click printer settings

Scroll down to the Livestream section, and click the gear icon.

Click webcam gear

Select the webcam you want to link to your printer, and click "Save".

Save webcam

Go back to the main screen and you'll be able to see your printer's webcam feed right in the dashboard!

Setup finished

Optimize your Setup for QuinlyVision Failure Detection


QuinlyVision is enabled by default on all printers. If you want to disable it, you can do so in the printer settings.


Make sure there are no loose wires visible, or complex patterns in frame of your webcam, otherwise they might be detected as spaghetti.

Keep the area around your printer clean (no loose strings of filament, discarded skirts, etc.)


Your printer should be well lit for QuinlyVision to work reliably.

You may want to invest in LED strips to go across the top beam of your printer's frame for even and consistent lighting, but even pointing a desk lamp at your printer should be sufficient.

Night Vision

QuinlyVision can work with infrared cameras, but the results won't be as good as with a well-lit setup. If you're printing overnight, an overnight lighting setup is ideal. To improve performance with night vision, increase the sensitivity of QuinlyVision.