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Software Troubleshooting

1. Main Dashboard

1.1 I hit the "Cancel" button, but the job is still printing

The printer will continue to finish the commands it received before the cancel button was hit. For example, if the printer is heating up, it will only cancel after it finishes heating. Wait a few more minutes and the printer should stop printing.

If your firmware has EMERGENCY_PARSER enabled, this will cause 'cancel' commands to occur immediately even during heatup.

1.2 Printer does not suspend until after it finishes the entire job

This is the intended functionality of "Suspend". Suspend is used for maintenance between print jobs. If you want to immediately stop a print, use the "Cancel" button.

1.3 "Cooling Failed" Status message

If your printer goes into this state, this means the job did not cooldown along the parameters set for the printers. ie. It was not able to reach the cooldown temperature in the time frame set and the bed cannot be automatically reset. In this case the printer must be manually reset.

  1. Power down the printer and wait for the bed to completely cool.
  2. Remove part once the bed has cooled down.
  3. Power on the printer.
  4. On startup, your printer will be suspended, please unsuspend to start printing the next job in the queue.

1.4 Printer Connection Lost" Status message

This means that the printer is no longer communicating with the Raspberry Pi. To clear this:

  1. Unplug the USB cable connecting your printer to the Pi
  2. Plug the USB cable back in, making sure it is firmly plugged in on both ends.
  3. If this doesn't solve the problem, try a new USB cable.

1.5 "Filament Out" Status message

Your printer has run out of filament. This status message should be cleared and the print should be resumed once you replace filament.

2. Queue

2.1 I submitted a print job, but the print won't start

  • Ensure that any SmartTags on your printer match the SmartTags on your print job.
  • Ensure that your printer is connected properly to the Raspberry Pi / Wireless Hub.
    • To check, open the gcode console. If you see the message "No Response" then your printer has lost connection. Reboot your printer
    • If that doesn't work, or there seems to be a stable connection to the printer, go to the main dashboard for the printer, click "Settings", then scroll down and click "Restart Printer Software". After a minute or so, the job should be picked up by the printer.

3. Files

3.1 I uploaded a file but it isn't showing up

  • Make sure it is a .gcode file, and not an .stl, .txt, .3mf, .ufp, or any other file type.
  • If it's a large file (50+ MB) it might take a while to transfer across your local network. Wait a minute or two and it should show up in the file list.
  • Make sure your file name doesn't have any unusual characters. Use only the following characters in your file name: a-z A-Z 0-9 . , - _ () [] "space"

3.2 Error message: "Cannot delete, file is in use"

  • Make sure the file is not currently queued, or being printed by any printers.
  • If the issue persists, reboot your RPi / Hub

4. Other Software Issues

4.1 The nozzle is only heating to 170 degrees

This is normal behavior, and it is for ooze-control during pre-print autolevelling. After your printer has finished probing the bed, the nozzle and bed will heat up to your specified printing temperature.

4.2 Nothing is being displayed on my monitor when I plug in my Raspberry Pi

This only applies if you choose to plug a monitor into your raspbery Pi.

‍When you first set up your pi and connecting it to your printer and monitor:

  • Ensure your HDMI cables are plugged in correctly and they are snug.
  • Ensure that your Raspberry Pi image was flashed correctly, following the instructions from
  • Ensure that all your cables are plugged in before booting the Raspberry Pi (ie. connecting it to a power source. You may have to unplug the power cable and plug it in again.

4.3 The dashboard is lagging

This may happen with some versions of some web browsers such as Firefox. Try using Chrome. If the problem remains, contact 3DQue support.