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Starting Your First 3D Print

Ok, you've finished installing our software. Once you log in to your Quinly account, your printer will automatically connect, and its settings will auto-configure, so you don't need to do anything. You're ready to start printing!


Check out the slicing for automation guide to learn how to prepare gcode files for automated 3D printing.

Quick Tour

Here's a quick tour of the user interface.


The Overview page is where you can monitor your printer. If you've plugged in a webcam, you'll see the video feed show up here.



Right now, your queue is probably empty, but once you start adding print jobs, this is where they'll appear.



This is where you can upload and organize your gcode files.


Starting a print

  1. On the Files page, click "Upload files" and select the gcode file you want to print. upload-files
  2. Once you've uploaded a gcode file, select it and click "Add To Queue". send-to-queue
  3. Here you can add SmartTags, adjust the quantity of prints, and adjust the release temperature (AutoPrint3D and AutoFarm3D only). For now you can keep these all at their default settings, and click "Send to queue". send-to-queue-2
  4. Visit the Queue page. On the right side of the page, you should see your printer in the "heating" state. This means it has started heating up, and is going to start printing your gcode file. queued

Congratulations, you've started your first print!