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Auto Ejection

What is 3D Print Auto Ejection?

Auto ejection is when your 3D printer can remove prints when they are done. Then, since the bed is clear, it can begin the next part automatically. The cycle repeats, meaning your printers can be working 24/7.

Auto ejection

Auto Ejection Benefits

Minimize Interruptions

Normally, when a print finishes, you (or someone else) needs to go to the printer, remove the print, and start the next one. This only takes a couple minutes, but it is an interruption to your day, and when you have many 3D printers, that means you'll have many interruptions. When you have other commitments, you'll soon realize how annoying and inefficient this process is.

Minimize Idle Time

Also, when nobody is available to tend to your printer, it sits idle, wasting many hours that could have been spent printing. Because of this, larger 3D print farms have 3 x 8 hour shifts just so that there's always someone available to restart prints! With auto-ejection, there's no need for a night shift, and production can continue through the weekend as well.

Experience the Freedom of Automation

Once auto ejection is set up, you can queue up a whole bunch of prints, walk away, and come back to a pile of printed parts. The difference is night and day. You'll never understand how you used to deal with such a tedious, manual process.

Put Your Printer on Autopilot

With AutoPrint3D and AutoFarm3D, you can enable "Autopilot" mode.

In Autopilot mode, your printer will...

  • Automatically start new jobs: Automatically accepts the next queued print job that has compatible SmartTags.
  • Wait for cooldown: Waits for the bed to cool down to the specified release temperature at the end of every print.
  • Auto-eject prints: Initiate a "wipe" sequence to eject the part from the bed once the bed has cooled down.

Wipe demonstration

How to Enable Autopilot


Once your printer is on Autopilot, it will attempt to remove parts from the plate at the end of the print once the bed cools down to the release temperature.

If the part is stuck to the plate, then your printer will make angry noises possibly causing damage.

Please verify that your prints release from your print bed once it has cooled down. If your prints don't release, you'll probably need a VAAPR Print Bed.

Your printer will have the 'manual' tag by default.

Autopilot vs manual tag

Go to printer settings and click the toggle between 'manual' and 'automated'

Autopilot toggle

See your printer's status change to "Autopilot"

Autopilot status