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Print Farm Dashboard

The print farm dashboard is the main page of AutoFarm3D. Here you can view and manage all your printers at the same time.


1. 3D Printer Cards

Each printer in your farm has its own printer card. The printer card shows the printer's name, status, and SmartTags. You can also see the printer's camera livestream if you have one connected.

  • Printer Cards - You can toggle between status view or live feed view. Status view shows the printer's name, status, and temperature. Live feed view shows the printer's camera livestream, if you have one connected.

  • SmartTags - SmartTags are a way to organize your printers. You can add a SmartTag to a printer by clicking the + button. SmartTags are used to automate job routing across your farm while making sure that the right printer is used for the right job. Read more...

1.1 Printer Statuses

Printer statuses are shown on the top bar of the printer card. Here is a list of all the possible statuses and what they mean.

  • Idle - Printer is ready to print.
  • Heating - Printer is heating up to the desired temperature.
  • Printing - Printer is currently printing.
  • Resetting - This printer is waiting for the bed to cool down. When the bed reaches the release temperature, a wipe sequence will occur, ejecting the print from the bed.
Attention Required
  • Waiting for Removal - This printer has completed a print and is waiting for confirmation that it can start the next one. Only appears if the printer is in Manual mode.
  • Suspended - Printer is stopped and will not start any new jobs until unsuspended.
Error States
  • Homing Failed - Printer failed to home. This is usually caused by a mechanical issue on your printer, or something is blocking an axis from reaching the endstop.
  • Probing Failed - The printer failed to probe the bed. This is usually caused by a mechanical issue on your printer, an extremely unlevel bed, or a faulty probe.
  • Serial Connection Lost - The printer has lost connection to the hub. This is usually caused by a loose or faulty USB cable.
  • Cooldown Failed - The printer failed to cool down within a reasonable amount of time. If your release temperature is set lower than your room's ambient temperature, the printer may not be able to cool down. Try increasing your release temperature or cooling down your room.
  • Firmware Crash - Marlin Firmware crashed. This is usually caused by thermal runaway or a homing / probing issue on your printer. Please check your printer LCD for any error messages.
  • Config Error - The printer's settings or firmware is not compatible with AutoFarm3D. Please update your firmware to Marlin 2. For prusa users, please disable Raspberry Pi mode, and crash detection
  • Bed Warped - The printer's bed is warped or very unlevel. Please relevel your bed and check for mechanical issues with your printer's motion system.
  • Offline - This printer is currently powered off or unplugged.

2. Dashboard Filters

  • Status Filter - Click the "+" button, search and select statuses to filter and view printers of specific status. E.g. Only show idle printers.
  • Tag Filter - Click the "+" button, search and select tags to filter and view printers with specific SmartTags. E.g. Only show printers tagged with Red PLA.

3. Printer Sidebar

Click on any printer to view the printer sidebar. The printer sidebar contains information and quick controls for a specific printer.

  • Printer Settings - Get an overview of your printer, view and adjust printer settings, and view the printer's camera livestream.

Printer settings

  • Printer Controls - Pause, suspend/unsuspend, cancel prints, and confirm that the bed is clear after a print.

3. Remote Access Tunnel

You can access your printers remotely by using the Remote Access Tunnel. This is useful if you want to access your printers from outside your local network.

Learn more.

4. Logs

Click this button to send logs to 3DQue support and view the software center for your command hub.