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Remote Access

Have you ever needed to...

  • Start a print when you're away from your farm?
  • Check on your prints when you're not there?
  • Control 3D printers that are distributed across multiple different locations?

We've got you covered with Quinly Tunnel - a fast and secure way to manage your 3D printers no matter where you are.

What is Quinly Tunnel?

Quinly Tunnel creates a secure connection between you and your 3D print farm. You can simply navigate to a custom URL, and then you'll be able to access all your printers, from a single tab, anywhere in the world!

Quinly Tunnel

Set Up Quinly Tunnel

It's super easy to set up Quinly tunnel.

  1. Click "Create new tunnel"

    Create a new tunnel

  2. Click "Start"

    Start the tunnel

  3. Copy the tunnel URL.

    Copy tunnel address

  4. Paste the tunnel URL into any browser from any device, anywhere in the world. You'll need to login twice: once on your device's side, and again on the Hub / Pi side.

    Log in to Quinly Tunnel

  5. Log in to your Pi / Hub with your AutoFarm3D account.

    Log in to Your Hub / Pi

  6. You're in!

    You're in!

Using Quinly Tunnel

Once you've logged in, you can use everything just like you normally would. You can upload gcode files, view multiple webcams, start prints, stop prints, and even download timelapses.

Technical Information

What is a Tunnel?

  • In a sentence, a tunnel is a secure connection between you and your Raspberry Pi / Print Farm Hub.

  • All information in a tunnel is wrapped in encryption and directed in a way that is inaccessible to the wider Internet.

  • When you access your printer locally, each page you load is served directly by the Pi / Hub. Quinly Tunnel allows you to forward these pages to a secure site only you have credentials for. If you have the login, you can access your dashboard from any device with an internet connection.


  • Quinly Tunnel never exposes your printer directly to the internet, and has multiple layers of authentication. You need to login on both sides of the tunnel.

  • No data, gcode files, or timelapses are stored in the cloud. When you upload a file it is encrypted and sent directly to your Pi or Hub.

  • All requests are sanitized. Even if your account and password are totally compromised, bad actors will be unable to access any other device on your network. This also prevents the execution of harmful code on your network.

  • You will never be required to do port forwarding or other potentially dangerous network configuration that could expose your network. That should be left to experts. Our tunnel is a one-click setup, toggleable at any time, and does not run the risk of exposing your local devices to the internet like port forwarding or a misconfigured VPN.


  • Latency is barely perceptible compared to when you're accessing the dashboard locally. 80-200ms is the typical latency. For reference a blink is 150ms.

  • Webcam streams are 30FPS

  • You can view multiple streams on your dashboard at once