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Direct2Print Orders and E-Commerce

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Direct2Print is currently in development. Join the waitlist for early access.

Wouldn't it be nice if your printers would automatically start printing orders as soon as they are placed? It's now possible with Direct2Print™, a powerful order management platform that lets you automate your 3D printing business.

Direct2Print Overview

Direct2Print provides 3D print farms a centralized, organized way to track, manage, and print orders.

Order Management

Create, edit, and delete orders. You can also import orders from Etsy or Shopify. Track the status of your orders across your farm. You can see which printers are printing which orders, and the status of each job in the order. Once an order is complete, you can mark the order as fulfilled, and the order information will be saved in the job history page.

E-Commerce Integration

Direct2Print can be integrated with your Etsy or Shopify store. When a customer places an order, it is immediately imported directly into AutoFarm3D, and added to the print queue. This allows your farm to automatically start printing orders as soon as they are placed, without any manual intervention. Direct2Print can integrate with other platforms too. Custom integrations are available upon request.

All-in-One Software

Manage your 3D printers, files, and customer orders all within the same software. Direct2Print features will be integrated into AutoFarm3D, but we'll also be turning it into a separate product that is more suited to manually-operated print farms.

No Online Store Required

Direct2Print doesn't have to be connected to an e-commerce store. You can use Direct2Print to manage orders even if they're internal orders or custom orders for on-demand printing services.

Preview Screenshots

Direct2Print isn't available yet, but here are some screenshots of what it will look like.

Summary View

This view shows all your orders at a glance. The progress bar is divided into 4 sections: Completed, Ready to Collect, Printing, and In Queue. The progress bar is color coded to show the state of the order at a glance.

The summary view also provdes an overall time estimate for the order based on the print schedule.

Direct2Print Order Management

Status View

This view shows you the status of all print jobs in the farm. You can see which printers are printing which orders, and the status of each job in the order.

Direct2Print Order Management

More preview screenshots will be added soon.

How Direct2Print Works

Here's a quick walkthrough of how Direct2Print takes an order from your e-commerce store, turns it into a print job, and prints it on your printers automatically.

1. Customer places an order

A customer places an order on your e-commerce store.

2. Order is imported into Direct2Print

The order is automatically imported into Direct2Print through the Etsy or Shopify API. If you're not using an e-commerce store, you can manually create orders right inside Direct2Print.

3. Order details are captured

Order details are filled out automatically based on the imported order details. This includes the customer's name, email, product name, quantity, due date, etc.

4. Files are selected based on what products are in the order

Gcode files can be linked to products/SKUs, so that the correct gcode files will be automatically selected for each order. Quantity will also be automatically specified, meaning that if a customer orders two of your product, the associated gcode file will be printed twice.

5. Files are tagged automatically based on product options or variants

Variants such as color or material can be specified, meaning gcode files will be tagged with the appropriate color or material based on the variant specified in the order. Any other custom tags can also be specified depending on the variants you offer.

6. Files are converted into print jobs, and added to the queue

The order is automatically added to the print queue using the files, quantity and tags specified earlier.

7. Printing begins

If there are any compatible printers available, the order will automatically start printing! If no printers are compatible with the order, you'll be notified that the order is blocked.

8. Order is tracked

The order status is tracked throughout the entire printing process. You can see the status of each job on the Orders page or the Direct2Print sidebar, and you'll be notified if there are any blocks or errors.

9. Order is fulfilled

Once the order is complete, you can mark the order as fulfilled, and the order information will be saved in the job history page.

Direct2Print Roadmap

These are some of the additional features we're planning for Direct2Print. These won't all be available at launch, but we'll be adding them over time.

Schedule Optimization

Direct2Print will be able to automatically optimize your printing schedule based on your priorities. You can choose between 4 different optimization modes:

  • Manual: Prints jobs in the order they are arranged in the queue. This is the default mode. Best for farms that want full control over the printing schedule.

  • Maximize Farm Utilization: Maximizes printer utilization by making sure there is as little idle time as possible. This may result in some orders being delayed, but will result in more prints being completed overall. Best for farms that just want to get as many prints done as possible.

  • Minimize Delays: Completes orders ASAP. Results in more idle time overall, and may require additional filament changes. Best if hitting deadlines is your highest priority.

  • Balanced: Completes orders on time while making sure that printers are utilized as much as possible.

Per-Printer Schedule

You can see the print schedule for each printer, and see which orders are scheduled to be printed on each printer.

Operator Availability Schedule

You can tell Direct2Print when people will be available to remove prints and start jobs. This allows Direct2Print to automatically schedule prints so they start and finish when someone is available.

Production Statistics

Direct2Print can be used to track production statistics. You can see how many orders have been completed, how many are in queue, and how many are ready to collect. You can also see how many orders have been completed per day, week, or month.

Total Order Completion Time Estimate

Direct2Print will automatically estimate the total time it will take to complete an order, based on the print schedule. It's not just the print time that's taken into account, but also the time it takes for the printer to heat up, cool down, and your operator availability schedule. You may also specify a buffer time to account for unexpected delays.


Can I use Direct2Print with other e-commerce platforms?

We plan to initially support Etsy and Shopify, but we will be compatible with more platforms in the future. Custom integrations will be available upon request.

What if I don't have an online store? Can I still use Direct2Print?

Yes! Direct2Print can be used as a standalone order management system for manual print farms, or farms with no existing order management solution.

Can I use Direct2Print with printers that aren't automated?

Direct2Print is designed to work with both automated and manual 3D printers.

How do I install it?

You'll need a Print Farm Hub or a Raspberry Pi to install Direct2Print, and the process is exactly the same as for AutoFarm3D.

What printers are compatible?

Direct2Print is compatible with all printers that are compatible with AutoFarm3D. See compatibility here

When will Direct2Print be available?

Sign up for the waitlist to be notified when Direct2Print is available. Sign up here