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VAAPR Bed Installation Guide

What does VAAPR mean?

'VAAPR' is short for "Variable Adhesion, Automatic Part Release". We designed this print bed specifically to release 3D prints when it cools down. In combination with our automation software, this allows 3D printers to auto-eject prints once they have finished, resulting in a massive increase in throughput and efficiency.

The VAAPR bed requires no adhesives, and no cleaning between prints.

The VAAPR bed is compatible with most 3D printing materials.


How to install the VAAPR bed (Video Tutorial)


Do not apply isopropyl alcohol, acetone, or any other cleaning solutions to the VAAPR bed.

Most cleaning products irreversibly damage the print surface!

ONLY clean the VAAPR print bed with unscented dish soap and water. We recommend Seventh Generation Dish Soap

  1. Remove your current print bed. The VAAPR bed must be adhered directly to your heated bed, or to a magnetic, removable flex plate. Do not clip the VAAPR bed on top of your current bed, as it might get pushed off when prints are removed.

  2. Wash your hands. This helps avoid transfer of oils, and keeps the VAAPR bed clean.

  3. Clean the surface that you'll apply the VAAPR bed onto. Dust, oils, or any other residue can cause air bubbles, which you'll want to avoid.

    Prepare surface

  4. Install the bed. Peel adhesive film back about 5cm (2 inches).

  5. Align the corners of the bed with the corners of the print surface.


    The double-sided adhesive is very sticky and immediately creates a very strong bond.

    You only get one chance to apply the bed, so make sure it is aligned before pressing down!

    Align bed

  6. Peel off the adhesive backing to expose the double-sided adhesive.

  7. Press the top edge of the VAAPR bed onto the surface and flex it into a slight curve like a spatula pushed down onto a table.

    Apply VAAPR

  8. While still flexing the bed, use a clean microfiber cloth to press out the air bubbles in a ‘V’ pattern, starting from the middle to the top edges.

  9. As you get to the bottom, use the cloth to press out air bubbles while pulling out the rest of the backing.

    Finish Application

  10. Press down on the bed with the cloth firmly left-to-right and back-to-front to remove any air bubbles.

  11. Clean the VAAPR print bed with a soft wet cloth and a drop of unscented dish soap. Full VAAPR cleaning guide

Calibrate Z Offset


Your 3D printer is not aware that you have a new print surface. If you try to print without recalibrating your Z offset, the nozzle will dig into the VAAPR bed, immediately scratching it!

Before printing on the VAAPR bed, you must relevel your bed, and recalibrate your Z offset.

Next Steps

Learn how to use and take care of your new VAAPR bed!

VAAPR Bed User Guide