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Vase Mode for Functional Parts

You probably know vase mode as a fun setting you can enable to print... well... vases.

But you can do a lot more with vase mode than simple decorative bowls!

prusa ramp printed in vase mode

1. Why use vase mode?

Many of our functional prints are designed to be printed using vase mode. Printing in vase mode greatly improves print speed and reliability.

Benefits of eliminating retractions

  • Retractions and travel moves are unproductive because material is not flowing out of the nozzle.
  • Retractions and travel moves can also lead to print defects such as stringing, layer shifts, and nozzle clogs.

Other benefits of vase mode

  • Much faster print times due to single walls
  • Better looking prints because there's no ugly Z seam

2. Packaging inserts


Last year, our Hardware production intern, Sanford Lee, designed a packaging insert that is completely printed using vase mode. We made a video about it here

The inserts are printed using recyled PLA by 3DPrintLife

Packaging iterations

1 Packaging with top layers.

2 Packaging with better top layers.

3 First vase mode print. Printed much faster, using much less material. But was extremely floppy.

4 Second vase mode print, using IdeaMaker Slicer built-in textures to add corrugations. This added lots of stiffness, but still wasn't strong enough.

5 Final packaging print, using corrugations designed by hand in CAD. Prints very quickly, and the final product is strong, stiff, and makes efficient use of material.