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Multi-Printer Control

AutoFarm3D makes it really easy to connect multiple 3D printers and webcams to a single device. Simply plug in additional cameras and printers to your Pi / Hub and they'll show up automatically on your dashboard - no coding or command-line config required!

Networking Infographic

Adding more USB ports to a Pi or Hub

If you need more USB ports, you can expand your Pi/Hub with a powered USB splitter.

  • Plug USB splitters into the blue USB-3 ports for faster data transfer.
  • Plug in only 1 webcam per USB splitter to avoid overloading USB ports with data.
Use a Powered USB Splitter

Please use an externally powered USB splitter that has it's own power supply. Print Farm Hubs and Raspberry Pis are not able to reliably supply power to more than 3 or 4 USB devices at a time.

Search for "Powered USB Hub", for example:

Maximum USB connections

Please see the system requirements


Not sure what "Standalone", "Command", or "Worker" mode is? Check out the farm networking guide for more info.