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Advanced SmartTagging

Now that you know the basics, lets go a little deeper.

SmartTag categories have one or 3 logic types. Logic is used to determine how print jobs are matched with printers.

Categories fall under 3 types of logic: (AND, OR, NONE)

Each logic type is useful in different situations.

AND Logic

AND logic is the default type of logic. With AND logic, an exact match is required between the print job and printer. If there are 2 tags from an AND category on the same job, a printer has to match them both to be compatible.


AND logic is particularly useful with the "Colors" category if you print with multiple materials in the same print.

Example: You have a dual-color printer and you want to print a black and white motor cover. You tag motor_cover.gcode with "Black" and "White" so that it only gets printed on a machine with black AND white filament loaded.

AND logic examples

OR Logic

With OR logic, just one of the multiple specified tags has to match for a printer to be compatible.


OR logic is particularly useful with the "Printer Type" category if you have gcode that works on multiple printer types.

Example: You have 3 printers. An Ender 3 Pro, and an Ender 3 V2, and your favorite printer, the EasyThreed X1. You have a gcode file sliced for Ender 3. Gcode sliced for the Ender 3 Pro can also be printed on the Ender 3 V2, but not on the EasyThreed. You tag your gcode with both "Ender 3 Pro" and "Ender 3 V2", so that either one can pick up the job, but the EasyThreed will not be allowed to print it.

OR logic examples

NONE Logic

With NONE logic, all tags in a NONE category are ignored by AutoFarm3D when routing jobs to printers. NONE is primarily used for tracking purposes, such as tracking order numbers and customer names.


NONE logic is particularly useful with custom categories where you want to attach information to a print job without affecting how it gets routed.

Example: You sell articulated slug fidget toys on Etsy, and you just recieved a huge order from some guy named Steven M. The order number is #1234. Since you want to keep a record of what you printed, and who you sent it to, you tag the job with "#1234" and "Steven M". Since you specified NONE logic, you don't need to also tag your printers with "#1234" and "Steven M".

NONE logic examples


SmartTags are a simple but powerful tool for organizing and managing your print farm. Using simple logic rules, they can be customized for almost any use-case. In short, SmartTags takes the guesswork out of running a 3D printer farm, so you sit back and watch the magic happen.